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  • Devin Di Dakta gets Grammy Nomination over Vybz Kartel & Alkaline! [MUST SEE LIST]

    59th Annual GRAMMY Awards were released earlier today…

    It hurts a bit to see that no Dancehall Album was in “Best Reggae Album” category, although Alkaline and Vybz Kartel albums “New Level Unlocked” and “King of the Dancehall” have scored great results on iTunes and Billboard.

    Below you can check the Reggae nominees for 59th Annual Grammy Awards.


    Is your favorite album in there?

    Best Reggae Album:


    Sly & Robbie Presents… Reggae For Her – Devin Di Dakta & J.L
    Rose Petals — J Boog
    Ziggy Marley — Ziggy Marley
    Everlasting — Raging Fyah
    Falling Into Place — Rebelution
    Soja: Live In Virginia — Soja

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  • My wife had sex with another man while I was at home

    Dear Pastor,

    I am a 40-year-old man that has been with a lady since 1993. We have broken up a few times, but we eventually got back together.

    We have been trying to have children for a few years now, without any success. She claimed that I was the problem and that I have a dead penis.

    We broke up, and I got into another relationship in which I produced a son. We eventually got back together and got married in 2013.

    After getting married, she refused to have sexual intercourse with me. She is always saying that she is tired. She also refuses to cook for me.

    I had a bank account that had her name in it, but she refuses to put my name on her account.

    My son came over to spend some time with me and I overheard her telling my son that she does not like him. She said that he must not look at her, sit in her chair or watch her television.

    Every time we have disagreements, she calls my mother, father, aunties, uncles and cousins and fill their heads with so many lies that they don't talk to me anymore.



    The other night I was watching television in the living room, and she opened the door and invited a man in and they went into the bedroom where they had sexual intercourse. I did not say anything because she is paying the rent. I just got up and went into my room; we don't sleep in the same room.

    Pastor, I have tried so many times with this woman. We went to counselling with her pastor, and she told lies and began to fake a cry. I am in need of your assistance. Should I leave this marriage and ask for a divorce, Pastor? Please give me your advice.


    Dear D.H.,

    I believe every word you have said, but some people would say that you are not speaking the truth. I have counselled people who have admitted that they have had sex with their spouses in the same house, and that their spouses were aware of it but could not do anything because of certain circumstances.

    It is not unusual for a woman to have sex with another man in her house although she knows that her husband is aware. I will put it clearer to you. Women have come to me with their husbands and have admitted that they have done so. And the husbands said that they were powerless and were not able to do anything about it. The women say that they didn't care how the men felt.

    Some people think that only men are bad, but some women are just as evil and they do things to punish men. To me, they are putting their lives in jeopardy. But I know two of the women who have done so did not care how their husband felt. Yet, these men were still hoping that their women would change.

    Why do these men stay with their wives? The answer is simple. They are broke. They don't have anywhere else to go. These women provide shelter and food. If they were to leave, they would have to live on the streets. May God help a man who has to suffer such abuse.

    You said this woman is paying the rent for the house in which you live. I will tell you straight up. Leave this woman. Get out. Beg a brother or a sister to put you up until you can rent a one-bedroom place and live in peace.

    Don't allow this woman to wipe her feet on you as if you are a floor mat. Whatever wrong you have done, you should not be treated with such contempt.


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  • The church is hypocritical - Entertainment industry angered over phone book backlash

    Following backlash from the church on a recent dancehall-themed picture used on the cover of the 2017 edition of the Yellow Pages directory, a few entertainers and industry insiders have come out in dancehall’s defence, stating that the uproar created by the religious groups was totally unwarranted.

    Speaking with the STAR, popular disc jockey DJ Rush held nothing back as he blasted the religious group for creating an issue with something that is an integral part of the Jamaican culture.

    “These people are idiots and hypocrites,” he said. “They stated that the problem with the phone book was that it was a ‘dancehall scene’ as if that’s a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with our skin, accent, music or culture. Dancehall and reggae is our Jamaican culture which we love.”

    He went on to explain that instead of fighting against the dancehall, the church should focus on more important issues such as the crime and violence currently gripping the island.

    “The problem is the corruption in the system, the poverty, crime and lack of education,” he said. “But how often do they (the church) organise a march or make a protest about these issues? Tell me the last time there was a church-organised march against political corruption?”

    The outspoken DJ also said dancehall is now being embraced around the world and should be more accepted in the country that it originated from.

    “The same clothes and scene these church hypocrites are condemning is being embraced right around the world and in places where they don’t have the crime and violence like Jamaica,” he said.

    “Therefore, it’s not dancehall corrupting anyone or else these places would also be feeling the negative effects.”

    Dancehall artiste and producer Esco agreed with Rush, as he said he believes the church’s actions are extreme.

    “This is a prime example of one of the major problems facing dancehall music right now. Its own host country or home country somehow can’t come to grips with the elements of dancehall,” he said. “The image on the Yellow Pages cover is not that obscene. People aren’t that scantily clad, and it’s like a painting. So, how offensive could it be?"

    Esco stressed that he was in no way bashing the church’s stance as he respects their voice, but he believes they just went overboard.

    “I can appreciate the voice of the church because I do believe that balance is needed. But in the same breath, this is a stifling of the market of dancehall. We’re talking about something that’s internationally popular. Tourists fly in from all bout to come look at this and this is just an artistic portrait of that, so if you ask me it’s just a prime display of what’s facing dancehall music right now — our own country not appreciating us and the edge that we have created.”

    The entertainer then pointed out that there are too many double standards within the Jamaican society, stating that if the picture on the cover of the Yellow Pages depicted a carnival scene, the reaction would have been different.

    “If that was Carnival, oh gosh that would fit right in. Tell me if dem carnival girls deh nuh dress scanty and whine up too. It’s the double standards, and it’s something we’ve been facing for a while now,” Esco said. 

    Following the church’s outcry, Chief Executive Officer of Global Directories, Ian Neita, explained that consumers would have options when they go to pick up their directories as the company will be printing copies with an alternative cover for anyone who is offended by the dancehall-themed version. 

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  • Ganggoolie injures ribs during 'daggering' stunt

    Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie is recuperating after a nasty fall while performing at a show in Canada. In a video that has been making the rounds on social media, Ganggoolie is seen deejaying 'Muscle Wine', while standing on top of a chair at the Ring nightclub in Brantford, Canada.

    Ganggoolie is seen preparing to do a 'skydive' manoeuvre, hurling himself from an elevated position at a Caucasian girl lying on the floor. On the count of three, he attempted to dive on top of the female, but, at the last possible moment, she rolled away, leaving Ganggoolie to fall flat on his chest and face.

    The crowd broke out in wild paroxysm of laughter, and Ganggoolie crawled off the stage in what appeared to be a mixture of pain and embarrassment.

    "Mi alright, ah just mi ribs ah kill me. The doctors dem say the majority of the damage is between the third and fourth rib, but in a few weeks, I should be good again," Ganggoolie said.

    "Even though the video never show it, mi finish mi performance. After that, mi a hear all kinda rumour say me hospitalised and almost dead and a bagga things, but mi OK. Ah just mi pride kinda damaged, mi spread out like an airplane and lick up mi belly," the entertainer added.

    He said fans were upset with the white girl.

    "Is not her fault, ah just fun we ah have. Mi meet her afterwards, her name is Sharon, ah so our thing go. I would do it again, ah just entertainment, no boring performance. Big up the promoter Eddie Wisdom," Ganggoolie said.

    Last year, Ganggoolie made national waves with the mega hit, Muscle Wine, followed by the hilariously inventive Donkey Kick, which also spawned a dance of the same name.

    Ganggoolie, once known as Hitlist, aka The Sheriff, scored a big hit with Please Stop The Killing in 2005, and was a protege of deejay Bounty Killer.

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